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In 2014, we created Govify to help government create documents in government-friendly formats. Today, we're releasing Govify.Cloud, to put those same documents into The Cloud. This enables government agencies to say they're using The Cloud, as a token gesture to fulfilling new IT requirements, without having to change their existing business practices.

One of the biggest hurdles for government agencies to embrace Open Data is the ability to produce documents in a government-usable format, but well-formatted data and machine-readable text are not government-friendly formats.

To solve this, we created Govify, a tool which converts machine-friendly text into Government-ready PDFs. These legible but closed-format documents can be easily used for any government purpose - or even printed, signed, and re-scanned to add extra bureaucracy.

NEW: Govify now automatically redacts technical documents to remove some proprietary information!

Screenshot: Before Govify
Screenshot: After Govify

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Govify is yet another government innovation from Bill Hunt. Note: Although the technology does work, Govify is a parody website. Please do not use these documents in the real world!